Download Game Evolve Stage 2 PC Free Full Version

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Download Game Evolve Stage 2 PC Free Full Version

Free Download Game Evolve Stage 2 PC Free Full Version Terbaru 2016. Hallo sobat para sobat Jembersantri yang selalu mendapatkan kebaikan setiap harinya, kali ini masih bersama saya penulis yang sangat baik hati kerena setiap harinya telah membagikan sebuah update update terbaru dari dunia game android, game pc, aplikasi android dan software pc juga tentunya dan masih dalam konten berbagi bagi kali ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game PC yang sangat seru sekali dan menantang untuk kalian mainkan sekarang juga sobat, jika kalian seorang gamer yang suka dengan PC game berbasis FPS maka game ini akan menjadi salah satu alternative bagi kalian untuk bisa menghilangkan rasa bosan / jenuh kalian ketika memainkan game PC yang seperti itu itu saja sobat, berbeda dengan game PC lainnya game Evolve Stage 2 PC ini merupakan game PC yang berbasis FPS yang bila dmainkan akan membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama sekali sobat, jadi kalian dijamin tidak akan cepat bosan dalam memainkan game PC Evolve Stage 2 PC  ini dari laptop atau komputer kalian semuanya, nah bagi kalian yang belum mengetahui seperti apa game PC ini maka dari itu saya disini sebagai penulis akan menjelaskan secara singkat seperti apa dan bagaimana cara memainkan game ini sobat.

Game Evolve Stage 2 PC  merupakan game yang berbasis online game bisa kalian mainkan sendiri atau dengan teman kalian, disini apabila kalian bermain dengan teman kalian, kalian bisa memilih mode Player VS Enemy atau Player VS Player sobat, jadi jadi game ini memberikan kesempatan untuk kalian menjadi kawan atau lawan, namun bila kalian memainkan game ini sendirian kalian bisa melawan enemy sobat dan didalam permainannya kalian akan menjadi seorang pemburu monster yang sangat keren kerena memiliki berbagai peralatan tempur yang sangat canggih dan handal sobat, jadi kalian didalam game Evolve Stage 2 PC ini akan berburu mahluk monster yang kuat dan kalau saya boleh jujur bila kalian bermain 1 lawan 1 dengan monster yang ada didalam game ini kesempatan kalian untuk memenangkanya hanyalah 10% saja sobat, haha namun kalian jangan cemas karena ini merupakan game yang berbasis online game maka kalian bisa bekerja sama dengan teman kalian untuk mengalahkan monster tersebut sobat.

Dan bagi kalian yang mungkin dulu pernah memainkan game ini namun sekarang sudah tidak memainkannya lagi maka kalain bisa memulai lagi permainan ini sobat jembersantri karena game Evolve Stage 2 PC  ini telah terupdate setiap bulannya dengan fitur fitur yang lebih menarik dan keren sobat, jadi kalian akan sangat menyesal apabila kalian tidak memainkan game pc Evolve Stage 2 PC  ini sobat, mungkin cukup sekian dulu penjelasan saya mengenai game ini kawan, mari langsung saja kita lihat bersama sama seperti apa screenshot game ini setelah kalian membaca terlebih dahulu apa saja yang telah diperbarui dalam game Evolve Stage 2 PC  ini sobat, agar kalian enggak kudet tentanga game ini.

What's New :


Making Evolve into a free title, our first goal was to revisit how players earn and unlock content. We have rebuilt the in-game store which now allows players to unlock content with Silver Keys. You can earn Silver Keys by simply playing Evolve! Completing matches, challenges, progression rewards, and through the monthly punch card are all great ways to earn Silver Keys. Save up for your favorite characters, perks that fit your playstyle, the best looking skins--you name it. The more you play, the more Silver Keys you earn. One thing to keep in mind, all content in Evolve: Stage 2 can be earned for free!


Every week a new set of four Hunters and one Monster will be available to all players for free. Try them out and see who your favorites are. You can use your Silver Keys to purchase any you end up liking! Keep an eye on social media to see when your favorite character is in rotation.


Welcome to the new Evolve UI. We have redone the UI from the ground up to get you into games faster while making the menus more intuitive and user friendly.
We have moved the matchmaking and character selection to before you get in-game. This streamlined performance and minimizes load times. We also removed the carousal and added a new grid to show all characters, those owned and those available to own, The new Characters page in your Profile shows off all of the characters Evolve has to offer. You can click into each character and see your personal rewards and stats for that individual character.


We created a brand new progression system with a rebuilt account level system and a brand new character-specific progression system. As you move through the account levels to 30, you'll get Silver Keys and badges. Once you find your favorite characters in Evolve, you can work up their character progression levels to unlock perks, elite skins, and Silver Key bonuses!

As a thank you for players coming back and playing Evolve: Stage 2 regularly, every day you login to the game you'll unlock a new reward! These can include: Silver Keys, Skins, Perks, Badges, and even Characters! No reward is tied to a specific day of the week, it goes strictly off the number of days you sign in over a reward month.

Everyone now has their own daily challenges! Don't like the challenge you got for the day? Easily swap out the challenge for another one! Challenges give you rewards like Silver Keys for you to spend in the store for more characters, skins, badges, and more!


To keep the game moving quickly, we've sped things up in Hunt through improvements to the dropship.


More fights and less running. We gave all Hunters a Dome to ensure more fights happen every game, keep the game moving, and make each Hunt game more enjoyable. Throwing the Dome is now the team's responsibility instead of just the Trapper's. Missing Domes is no longer a possibility. When you have seen and are in range of the monster, you'll see a prompt to throw the Dome which centers around the Monster's position.

The Dome Timer has been changed from a steady 1 minute to a variable length with a maximum of 5 minutes. The only way to bring the Dome down is to let the timer reach zero. We have introduced two ways to decrease the Dome timer. The Hunter team can decrease the Dome duration by dishing out damage to the Monster and the Monster can decrease the timer by downing Hunters.


The Defense Matrix gives the Monster more of a reason to down the Assault. Previously, the Assault could get down to low health, activate Shield, and still dish out damage until their Shield depleted and their Medic could heal them back up to full health. The Defense Matrix forces the Assault to be more cautious when focusing the Monster and give the Monsters some breathing room. The Defense Matrix reduces incoming damage by 75%. Make sure to use the Defense Matrix before your health gets too low!

The Team Cloak was replaced since it either worked out really well for one team or didn't work at all. We replaced the Team Cloak with a Shield Burst to make the Support's class ability more reliable and consistent. When you activate the new Shield Burst, all Hunters within a 30 meter radius will be shielded for a short period of time. Use your Shield Burst often so you can use multiple Shield Bursts before you or a teammate gets incapacitated!

When activated, a satellite scans the planet for the Monster and points the team in the general direction of the Monster. Trapper also gets a speed boost for a short period of time upon use and can see the Monster for a short period of time. Make sure to use the Planet Scanner when you first land out of the dropship. Also useful for dodging big scary monsters!


System Requiremments :

Minimum :
CPU                    : Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon 64 X2 6400
RAM                    : 4 GB
OS                       : Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card          : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5770
Sound Card         : DirectX Compliant Sound card
Free Disk Space  : 25 GB

Recommended :
CPU                     : Core i7-920 / A8-3870K
RAM                     : 6 GB
OS                        : Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card           : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / ATI Radeon R9 280
Sound Card          : DirectX Compliant Sound card
Free Disk Space   : 25 GB

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Download Game Evolve Stage 2 PC Free Full Version

Note : jika kalian ingin memainkan game ini secara langsug di website online atau kalian belum mempunyai akunnya silahkan mendaftar terebih dahulu disini .

Demikianlah postingan saya mengenai game Evolve Stage 2 PC ini sobat, semoga artikel yang saya buat kali ini dapat bermanfaat bagi kalian semuanya dan seperti manfaatnya semoga game ini dapat membuat hari kalian lebih baik dan dapat menghilangkan rasa jenuh kalian sobat, mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan kata kata yang disengaja ataupun tidak disengaja sobat jembersantri, terimah kasih telah berkunjung dan tetap nantikan update terbaru dari kami tim sukses jembersantri ya kawan.

Free Download Game Evolve Stage 2 PC Free Full Version

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